How To get mechanical permit ?


For an gatting a mechanical permit or something like that you’re  going to need to show proof of workers compensation  workers compensation has proved proven to be a one of our biggest expenses .


we  only have one employee right now but and we don’t have any accidents on hand either so that you know any accidents  that make claimed or filed knock on wood but they’re still taking of anything.

We pay any Commission’s any payroll any  bonuses they still require us to pay an additional percent we get we get taxed on that so workers compensation .

has proven to be a big a big dent in our  our pocketbook and that’s why and that’s why you know our prices are what they are and that’s why I’m not going to lower my prices on installs because .

I need that money to pay off to pay my  bills and that’s the real deal I’ve you know going into business you can think it’s it’s easy to think that you know I go change the capacitor for bucks because I you know it only cost me five  dollars .

but that’s a joke and it’s going to be hard to stay in business and I know I’m going to offend some people0 by saying news-14 that and I apologized it’s just my opinion and but .

when I charge , for a  residential HVAC replacement that’s because payroll insurance workers compensation all that stuff it’s called overhead and you need to figure.

That into your pricing as you’re as you’re building your company I realized that my first couple installs  were priced very low I was winning like I don’t know of the bids that I was putting out there and I realized real quickly